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Mindful Shopping at Sale Time

Have you all done all your shopping?  Ok, own up, who has purchased something for themselves too?  Many of my clients buy a new dress to wear on Christmas day and that is something that I think is a wonderful tradition.
We see so many bargains in shops – just this week I experienced something that I have not had before.  Just the previous week I purchased a top and skirt and paid full price – this week it is down by 40%.  So the question is – do you wait to shop or buy when you see the item?  My answer to that is, if it is unique and you love it no matter what and want to wear it immediately – then yes as your size may not be available when it goes on sale.  I am also aware of shops that do put things on sale very quickly, so I will wait to purchase.
However, that brings a whole new topic – Mindful or Mindless Shopping.  In the world of fast fashion very fashionable items are often cheaper but not of a very good quality.  They will not last – they are not supposed to last.  We may have wardrobes bursting at the seams but nothing to wear!!!  I see those full wardrobes and hear that cry!!
The media is reporting, as though it were news, that we have two generations of consumers, Gen X and Gen Y, who have grown up shopping for "deconstructed" clothing with frayed edges, tattered holes, and stains in the fabric.  They go for "fast fashion," buying into the trend of the week, low-priced, low-quality knockoffs they wear for a season, a month, or only a week then toss.  (Judith Rasband)
What are they thinking??  They are not – they just want the latest.  Many of my clients do not fall into that category though but it is the way that many shops make money – changing stock quickly to entice us in, to buy what we may not need but think we want.  It is on SALE – so I must have it!!  It is only a good deal if you need the item.
So how can we become more mindful shoppers?  The shops will be full of sales after Christmas and into January.  So what should we buy and what should we stay clear of?
Appealing to this changing mind-set, fashion industry executives and retailers are promoting smaller, simpler, more versatile, and longer-lasting wardrobes.  It's all about quality over quantity-- Nate Herman, vice president of the American Apparel and Footwear Association, reports, "People are not buying just to buy anymore.  There is evidence people are willing to pay more for clothes that last longer."

Mindful Shopping

  •  Invest in classics.  Don't spend much on a fleeting fad or pass altogether.
  •  Shop with a plan.  Know what's in your wardrobe and what to buy to build a cluster of coordinated clothes just right for you. Spend time putting outfits together and documenting them – either by photographs or writing them down (I do both with clients).  Once you spend time doing that you will see how many different options you have and where you need to buy – maybe a new jacket in a different colour will add life to your “boring” wardrobe.
  • Shop all your options, department stores, specialty and chain stores, discount stores, thrift and consignment stores, even antique stores, catalogues, and online.  
  • Use your loyalty cards to get points
  • Buy nothing you don't really appreciate or love.  Use wisdom to guide your clothing decisions.  Recognize what reflects your values and personality, fits your body, complements your colouring, and takes you the places you'd like to go.
  • When buying something – ask yourself “Where am I going in this?”
  • Choose quality over quantity for a workable cluster of clothes.  By choosing a smaller cluster of the best clothes you can afford, you'll not only enjoy them more, you'll save time and money too. 
  • Add interest to ”boring”  basics by using  accessories.

On the day

  •  Start by having a good breakfast so you do not have a sugar slump
  •  Do your hair and make up - you are going to be looking at yourself in the mirror and you need to like what you see
  •  Wear well-fitting underwear and clothing that is easy to take off
  •  Take a bottle of water 
  •  Don’t buy the first thing you see, take pictures of it on your smart phone
  •  Check cleaning instructions – a “bargain’ can easily be expensive if it is dry clean only
  •  What will it go with in my existing wardrobe
  • If not sure but you would like to check at home, ask about the returns policy.  If it is only a store credit then it might be better to leave it at the shop
  •  Have alterations done immediately
  •  Work out cost per wear for each garment you consider buying

I know what some are thinking, "I don't have time to shop mindfully."  Better to realize, you don't have time not to.  End-of-season and after-Christmas sales will be upon us soon.  Retailers must sell out all the Spring and Summer stock.  Sale prices will be slashed from 30% to 85% below full prices, depending on the store.  Regardless of the price, however, none of us can afford to shop mindlessly or we lose precious time, money, and mistakes in personal style and self-presentation.

Before you hit the shops and buy up on SALE, do a wardrobe audit and see if you need to replace shoes for next Spring/Summer.  Do you need to replace your basics?  Underwear, singlets, light weight cardigans or jackets which you will wear in Autumn?
Remember the rule of 3 – what you buy must go with 3 other items in your wardrobe otherwise it is not a bargain!!
So, what's "out there" on SALE waiting to tempt you or seriously fill your needs and what I think you could consider a bargain?  

Find a Bargain

  •  Evening wear that you may not wear often but will be great to have ready for the next occasion
  •  Evening bags and shoes that you may not have but they are a wardrobe hole
  •  Accessories – bags, belts, jewellery to liven up your existing wardrobe
  •  Worn out Summer pyjamas
  •  Simple and timeless dresses, tops and skirts that you know you will definitely wear next Summer – remember that in some parts of Australia it stays hot enough till May
  •  Replace your tired old Summer sun hat and swimsuit cover up
  •  Worn out underwear
  •  Summer sandals
  •  Try a new colour in a top or dress
  •  Any other ideas you have identified as you wear your clothing????
If you are shopping for children – remember to size up for next year.
After making your list of what you want to look for, proceed with your shopping, mindfully, with full deliberation.  Engage your senses fully, particularly your senses of sight and touch. Become aware of how the clothing feels as it touches your body. Improve your posture and see if the fit improves.  Look in the mirror and turn your attention to your thoughts and feelings about how you look in the clothing.  Take time to deliberate between your options.  Stretch, move, and bend and sit in the clothes.    Don’t buy with a “IT WILL DO” mindset or “It is ONLY $”.  LOVE IT and know that it will definitely meet your needs – according to your list (not your wants) and then enjoy having money left over to do other exciting things.
If you need help with your wardrobe or shopping – call me – I am available after the 7th January.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Wonderful Christmas filled with amazing times. I have my brother and his family visiting from South Africa and I have not seen them in 3 years so I am very excited for this time.
Merry Christmas to you all.

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How to WOW in Wide Leg Pants

I can’t believe that this year is so close to being over. Where does the time go? I am happy that I have been busy with clients and there are a lot more women feeling confident and motivated by the changes they have made to their wardrobes. Change is good and fashion is certainly one of the fastest moving changes we see in the shops. Some shops have new stock weekly and others twice a month. Keep an eye out for trends that resonate with you and that flatter you. Being current is taking a trend and wearing it if it suits you and you would love to try it.

Talking about changes and trends, we are starting to see a change in the silhouettes of pants. After many seasons of skinny and cropped pants, there is a different silhouette in the shops – the wider leg pants. These range from wide to very wide and come in full or cropped lengths i.e. culottes (a trend that will not flatter all). I am glad to see this change but like any silhouette it takes a few tricks to make it work for all body shapes.



 Wide Leg 02




We have got used to wearing looser and longer tops over our fitted pants but unless you are very tall, it will be best to wear a fitted top over wider pants so not to look like you are drowning in too much fabric. Another key to looking fabulous is wearing the correct length of top. Short legs can sport a shorter top (think leg lengthening) but longer legs will still need to wear a longer length top to elongate the torso.


Wide leg 01



There are wide pants and then there are WIDE pants. If you are short or have short legs in proportion to your body, then choose pants that are not too wide so you do not look like you are drowning in them which will make you look shorter. The wider the hemline, the shorter you will look.



We have got used to having a little leeway with 7/8 and skinny pants but while hemlines are always important to get a great look, they are even more important when wearing wider pants. Wide leg pants must end (no matter what shoes you are wearing) no more than 1cm off the ground. So you may need to decide if you are wearing flats or heels with your pants and hem them accordingly.



What do you wear?? For those that are on the shorter side, heels will always make your legs look longer. Wide leg pants do look great with ballet flats, flat sandals, block heels and wedges for height. If you want to wear stilettos with them make sure that they are smart pants. As always, shoes determine the degree of formality of the outfit. The wrong shoes, the wrong message.



If you don’t want to add bulk around your hips/waist, flat fronted pants will give you a longer leaner silhouette.



Take into account your body shape when choosing prints or patterns. Because there is more fabric around your legs a large print could overwhelm a small frame. If have a larger frame then you can pull off a bigger print. If you are bigger on the bottom, choose prints/patterns in a darker colour. A pattern around the bottom of the pants will draw the eye down and possibly make legs look a little shorter – hence you may want to ensure that you do have something of interest further up your outfit to have eyes up….



These pants may be a little extreme (width depending) and that will attract attention. So, if you would like eyes to be on your face rather than your legs, then do wear bolder accessories near the face. A bigger bolder necklace or earrings will ensure that all the attention is near your face.


Wide Leg 03



Palazzo pants are a fun way to dress up in the current style and can be worn by ladies of all ages. Embrace it and have fun with this “new” trend. Need help deciding if these new trends are for you? Contact me and I would love to help you navigate this wonderful, crazy world of fashion.

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What is keeping you from having a wardrobe you love?




clothes hanger with logo

I have been spending quite a bit of time in clients wardrobes recently and find that there are 2 common threads – too much and feeling overwhelmed or having items hanging there but nothing appeals to you, hence the “I have nothing to wear” feeling.   When and if you do go out shopping, which may not be often or perhaps too often, you wander aimlessly around not knowing what to buy.  You listen to shop assistants or possibly your friends but still do not feel happy with your purchases.  


Does this sound familiar? You stand in front of your wardrobe wondering what to wear?  Nothing really jumps out at you.  You try on a few items and eventually settle for something as you have run out of time and need to get out of the door.  How do you feel in what you are wearing?  Probably not fantastic, you feel like “It will do.”  The next day the same scenario, nothing to wear that feels like you, nothing you love.  Why is this?  What is holding you back from having a wardrobe filled with clothing you love and get excited about wearing?


Many people accept this as the norm and would love to have clothing that makes them happy but think that someday the timing will be right but right now it is not.


Many people don’t love shopping for clothes. You spend time you don’t have wandering around the stores that feel too overwhelming and leave with things you don’t love but that will do, or come home with nothing! No feeling of excitement or anticipation of having new things to wear. You’re just glad it’s over!

These are the favourite excuses I have heard! I will shop when:


  • • I have more time
  • • I have more money
  • • I work out what looks good on me
  • • I have lost weight


Some of these reasons may feel justified but the problem is they can go on forever.  If you don’t like shopping (for whatever reason) and feel like you don’t deserve a great wardrobe then there will always be something else that will take up your time and money!   


So, what’s the answer?


Make yourself a priority!  For many women, family and work are the priority and they put themselves at the bottom of the list.  If you don’t like shopping then it is very easy to keep putting it off, often siting family commitments as the reason.


What’s behind each of these excuses? 


  • Fear that you’ll waste time wandering around the shops and come home with nothing worthwhile to show for it?
  • Fear that you’ll waste money on things you’ll never wear?
  • Fear that you’ll discover that shops don’t sell clothes that look good on you?
  • Fear that you’ll buy clothes for your current (undesirable) weight and then won’t bother to lose the weight you want to lose 
  • Fear that you might lose the weight and then still have nothing to wear and have wasted money


So now what? How do you get out of your rut, face your fears and make this a positive experience? Let’s look at each of the fears.



If you’d rather stick pins in your eyes than go clothes shopping you’ll never set aside the time to do it until you’re in pain, i.e., your wardrobe is in such a desperate state and don’t have anything left to wear or you need something for an event and you have to shop. Shopping when you are desperate is never a good idea. You may purchase items you don’t really love just to get it over with.  Another item to add to the others that you don’t wear but make you feel guilty when you look at it.  It may make you even more reluctant to shop again before you have to, setting you up for a vicious cycle of shopping only when you HAVE to.


Shopping should be a calm experience and not one filled with stress. Shopping fairly frequently (even if you don’t buy anything) lets you see clothing that is great for you when under no pressure to buy. If you’re used to dashing into the shops 20 minutes before you have to pick the kids up at school, or taking them with you when you shop then you’re setting yourself up for stress and frustration. You need at least 90 minutes to shop. Put it in your calendar along with all your other commitments or you’ll never do it. No matter how busy your life feels,  you can find time somewhere if you really want to even if you schedule it for a months’ time – yes you might just have to miss one sporting/cultural event that your child participates in, but you owe it to yourself to have time just for you.



newsletter sep 03

It’s important to know what your budget is so you spend it wisely. You do not have to shop at the fanciest stores in order to have a great wardrobe. You can find great clothes at any price point in different places.  A friend of mine found a great pair of jeans for $5 at Salvos.  If you know how to make good choices then you can shop anywhere. If you do shop at bargain stores or likes of Salvos then do be prepared to spend the time looking as unlike the major retailers all items are a once off and you need to have time to look.


Better Choices:

Styles change, trends change, and your body changes…sometimes even your lifestyle changes, so your wardrobe needs to  evolve.  There are always new choices to be made and understanding how to make them for your body, lifestyle and personality is crucial.  If you are looking to buy clothing for a lifestyle you don’t have e.g. you used to work from home and now you work in an office but continue to buy casual clothing then you will have nothing to wear to work. Look at your current lifestyle and build your wardrobe around that – not for the one you did have or the one you would like to have. 



This has to be one of the main reasons women don’t shop when they need to. Our bodies change due to having children, going through menopause, health-related issues, or just getting older and softer.   

Whatever your weight is, you deserve to feel good right now. If your weight has changed, it doesn’t mean you have to go and spend a lot of money or buy huge amounts of clothes at your current weight if you are expecting it to change again. But you do need to have clothes you feel good in now. Buy basics (tops, pants, skirts, jackets) in your best basic colours and then add accessories to bring in personality. Accessories (jewellery, bags, shoes) are far more forgiving than clothing when it comes to fluctuations in weight.  It is important that you only have clothing in your wardrobe that fits and flatters you now.  Any other sizing needs to be put away somewhere else so you are not seeing clothing you cannot wear and that you feel guilty about.


Shop with a plan.

Have a list of clothing you need to purchase soon.  Mine is listed under a note on my phone.  Maybe you need new jeans and summer tops. Or, a dress for a special occasion with new shoes. (start looking a few months out) Even if you think that your wardrobe is so bad it all needs to be thrown out and to start again, still go with a list and be prepared to find anything on the list.  Do not try to build a wardrobe from scratch in one shop! -ended list. You’ll be overwhelmed in a matter of seconds.


Always look for your best colours first.

Scan the racks, see what colours call out to you and start there. Try looking at different colours to the ones you normally choose, but make sure they are right for you.  You might be very pleasantly surprised.  If you’re looking for a specific item e.g. a dress in blue and all you see is orange, then move onto the next item on your list or to the next shop. Don’t buy something just because you’re there. 


Be willing to try on new styles.

So many clients say to me when I bring them items to try on, “I would never have picked that” and then they are pleasantly surprised when it looks great.  Do not leave the store without trying things on.  But do have an open mind to different styles and colours.

Be willing to have clothing altered: So many women have not thought to have clothing altered.  They would rather spend so much time searching for that perfect pair of pants then create the perfect pair by having a simple alteration. That’s a wide range of clothing and body shapes and no way can you expect style, length or fit to suit everyone. If alterations need to be done allow for this cost when you buy something or else don’t buy it (and in that case you can expect your choices to be considerably limited). Find a great tailor and you open up a whole new world of options – shopping becomes easier:  Many of the big shopping centres have a tailor in the centre – take it to them straight away rather than taking it home first, otherwise you may never do it.  Tailors can also tell you if something will be easy (and cost effective) to alter.  If not, rather take it back to the store and get a refund.


Complete the outfit as much as possible in the dressing room.

You can’t try on a pretty dress with chunky shoes.  Most likely you’ll feel dumpy and you’ll dislike the dress immediately without giving it a fair assessment. Shoes can make or break an outfit!  If you are shopping for a specific item e.g. a dress, take a pair of shoes with you that you may wear with it just so you can get an idea of what it would look like finished. If you find the dress, then make sure you find the rest of the outfit (shoes, jewellery, bag, jacket) before you go home.  If you go home with only 1 item of an outfit then you still have nothing to wear. (this applies to everything you buy)  It’s too easy to not buy something when you can’t see the final look.


newsletter sep 05




Ask for help.

If you have wanted to make changes but have not done it then you may need some help in getting started. Many of my clients shop with me a few times a year so they can get it done efficiently and productively.  They are also aware that I will encourage them to try different looks.  They know they make mistakes and have added up the cost of those mistakes!  There is no embarrassment in needing help. We can’t be good at everything but for many something that they have been doing all their lives (getting dressed) and still can’t get right is embarrassing for them. It is not something to be embarrassed about.   I shop with some of my image consultant friends and end up coming home with clothing that I might not have thought to try on and wear to death!!  Not everyone loves the experience of shopping but everyone deserves the experience of looking great every day!


newsletter sep 02


Make a commitment to yourself now. Schedule a time to shop and put it in your calendar. Look at your wardrobe and start making a list of what you need.  Remember you may not be able to find everything on it at the first shop but you have to start.  Each step you take is one more step towards having a wardrobe you love. Do it now, the shops are filled with beautiful Spring clothing just waiting to breathe life into your wardrobe.  Don’t feel confident to take that step?  Call me and we will have fun together. 


If you don't feel confident to take that step, call me and we will have fun together. 


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Choose to be Visible

I have been very quiet on the newsletter front of late but have been busy with so many different projects.  I hope that this finds you all well and enjoying this chilly weather.  I enjoy dressing up in layers for Winter as I find that it can be a very smart look.  I love my leggings and tunic tops too though. 
Choosing to be Visible.  This is a topic that is very close to my heart.  So many of my clients wish to hide as they do not feel great about how they look but they want to shine, they want to be visible but just do not have the confidence.  That is when I step in and offer that advice and help.
Wishing to NOT be visible  was me before I saw an image consultant.   I am so tall – (6ft)  that I was always standing out in a crowd but hating it as I did not feel confident.   I wanted to blend in but there was no way that that was going to happen.  So my style journey has had to learn to embrace that, accept my height and learn to dress so that I did look as good as I could so that I could be visible and not hate it.
My main aim when working with any client is to build confidence and self esteem so that they can walk into a room and have people look at them with admiring glances and words – if that is what they want.

june 01
  • Do you ever walk into a room full of people and feel like no one even sees you?
  • Did people regularly acknowledge you in the past but now you feel overlooked? 
  • It may seem like you’re suddenly invisible, which can make you feel isolated and lonely. 
  • Do you want to come out of the shadows and get noticed?  Do you want to be visible – for the right reasons? 
  • You can change that perception and get the acknowledgment you deserve. Being visible is simpler than you think. Here are some ways to make a lasting impression and come back into focus.


Define and groom your eyebrow line

Shape them and fill them in with an eyebrow pencil/powder in your colour. This line frames and brings attention to your face. Enhancing your eyebrows is like an instant facelift and who would not want that?

june 02

Create colour or texture impact in your outfits.

Blend similar hues within an outfit, create blocks of colour in your outfit or use a mix of textures in one colour to create interest in your outfit.


june 03

Add dimension to your hair colour with lowlights or highlights. 

Change your hair colour.  Or ask your hair stylist for products that will add shine to your hair. You may be in need of a style change. Perhaps it’s time to ask your stylist to add some angles or give you a modern shape.


june 04

Be sure your jewellery relates to one another. 

Wear earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and rings that blend well together. One person’s jewellery statement may have a more classic flair while another person’s jewellery statement may be more artistic. Working within a theme helps you create more presence. 


june 05

Do you wear glasses?

When was the last time you updated your look?  Old fashioned frames can make you look much older than you are.  If you have to wear glasses then why not make it part of your signature look?


june 06

Pick an accessory item and make it your signature. 

It could be your glasses, just ask Iris Apfel,  a man’s watch, brooches on blazers, red lipstick or maybe you’re known for your scarf collection. Choose it and wear it often.


June 07

Wear quality fabrics and shoes. 

Cheap fabrics and shoes bring the wrong attention. Upgrading your clothing items to the next level of quality won’t go unnoticed.  Better quality fabrics and shoes last longer and so cut down on having to find replacements sooner.  Take a look at the clothing that you do not wear – could the reason be is that it is does not fit you properly because the fabric is not a good quality?


june 08

Wear an item or two in your outfit that has shine, glimmer, sparkle, or luster.

This could be a top worn under a blazer, a handbag in a metallic finish, ballet flats in a metallic python print, oversize pearls that are lustrous or a patent leather belt in a fun colour.  


june 09

Don’t go for ordinary shoes. 

Look for shoes that relate to your outfit but have their own character too.  Make sure that they are not scuffed or worn.


june 10

Wear a smile and be ready to engage with others.

How many can you tick off that you are doing? 


june 11
I would love to help you come out of the shadows and get noticed for the wonderful person you are. I am ready to help you make that impact. Give me a call!

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Why people notice your clothes and NOT you


stylish in black

It happens more than you realise. Your clothes get noticed before you do. The clothes enter the room first. When talking to you, people are distracted by the items you are wearing. When your clothing fits and flatters you and is appropriate for the occasion, the clothing becomes the supporting role and YOU become the hero in your own movie. Words like, “WOW” he/she looks great, rather than “look at what he/she is wearing” are used.


Now these may seem like small inconsequential details but as we all know, in business it is the small details that often can be the deciding factor in developing our opinions of others. Your clothing is a language.  Do you know what you are saying today?


Here are the most common and fixable problems:




Too Long:

Jackets sleeves: if the sleeves are too long your arms look shorter and out of proportion. For ladies the jacket sleeve should end at the wrist and for men, 0.75 – 1.25cm of shirt sleeve should be visible.

Pants: Pants that are too long and either bunch at the ankle or drag on the floor will make your legs look shorter. Alter them to the correct length and you will be in proportion.  For men, there should be a single break in front over the tops of your shoes.


Too short:

Jackets:  sleeves too short and your arms will look longer and out of proportion.

Pants:  legs will look shorter. The wider the hemline the more crucial it is to get the hemline correct. Who wants to have legs that look shorter? Most people will answer No to that question.


Suit Sleeve2

The jacket sleeves in the first image are too long, too short in the third and just right in the middle.


Mens trousers3

Trousers are too short in the first image, too long in the second and perfect in the last image.


pants length4

The cream trousers in the first image are too short.  The middle trousers are too long.  The white trousers in the last image are the correct length.


 jacket length ladies

 The black leather jacket is too short, the middle jacket is too long and the third jacket is correct.


Too tight

Shirts that have buttons gaping, pants that creep up, shirts that wrinkle around the hips, waists too tight so that a muffin top is formed – yes, men do get muffin tops too!


too tight

How many of you know someone who goes out wearing clothes that are too small for them?

Clothing might sometimes look passable when you are standing but your posture when sitting changes the fit of the clothing and could be perceived as too tight.

Rather purchase new items that fit than wear clothing you grew out of years ago - even if the item was your favourite.


Age Appropriate

A young employee still dressing like a graduate, a 50 year old dressing like a 20 year old. The opposite is also true, dressing much older than your years is also aging. Are you still hanging onto those glasses from 10 years ago? Wearing that wide tie you bought 15 years ago. Still fitting into pants you purchased when you were a size 12 and now should be a 14 but wear them under your stomach?  Wearing short skirts more than 10cm above your knee?  Showing plunging cleavage?  Dressing in the latest trends when they do not suit your body shape or age?  Dressing stylishly using current trends will flatter you and enable you to be a present for someone's eyes.  Who does not appreciate seeing a stylishly dressed man or woman who has taken care over his/her appearance?  I certainly do.

No matter where we are, dressing appropriately for our age and the occasion is essential to making a great impression.


Age appropriate dressing2

As you get older you need to find a balance between looking modern and growing older.  The image must show the person you have become.



Overpowering colours for you will make a statement beyond you. You may get lost behind the colour. The clothing will arrive in the room before you do. If you wear colours that are complimentary to your complexion, rather than too strong or too pale, YOU will be noticed first and then the clothing.

Washed out colours don’t make a statement and they may make you invisible.  It is impossible to exude presence or power in very pale colours.   This is something that I see often. Wearing black may also make you invisible in a room full of similarly dressed people.  This is something that I see often an dwhen I ask women about their colour choices, the most common response is "I don't want to be noticed".  I find that sad - we will always be noticed - just be noticed for the right reasons.

A little bit afraid of wearing colour? Wear a brighter coloured tie, a brighter shirt under a darker jacket, a brighter shoe or handbag.


How to embrace colour and how to be invisible.  The degree of colour worn depends on you.



So the next time you get dressed, stop and give a little thought to the language of your clothing. What are you saying today? Not sure? I would love to help you develop a language that reflects who you are and what you want to say.  Why not give me a call - you might surprise yourself!


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